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Website Copywriting Templates

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Copywriting Brief Templatethe brief

Even if you are just writing the copy for yourself, it’s a good idea to write a brief. This template asks essential questions designed to stimulate your imagination and make sure you cover the key elements of your proposed subject.

It gives clear examples of answers, so you’ll not be stuck for ideas. It also provides room to detail the pages your website will need. If you’re writing for somebody else it’s especially helpful.

Download the brief submission template.


Website Copy & Meta Data Draft Creation Templatethe draft

You’ll need to be able to submit the copy in a clearly marked-up, draft format. The downloadable template provides fields for page name, URL name, date; in fact all the usual stuff needed to make things easy for everyone to understand, plus you have a nice  detailed space for your meta data: title tag, meta description and meta keywords. It keeps everything together in one document.

Download the draft submission template.



Copywriting Job Manager Templatethe manager

If you are only writing two or three pages you probably won’t need this, but any more than that and this is real must. It details the pages required, submission dates, dates copy is sent to the proof-reader and final draft submission dates. It’s especially good if you are writing for someone else as it also has fields for their feedback.

Download the job manager spread sheet.


Of course, if you don’t fancy doing any of this yourself, you can just ask me to do it. I do it all day every day and rather enjoy it. You’ll always know exactly where you stand with what’s needed and you can see at the drop of a hat what’s done and what’s still to do.

So don’t hesitate. Do it yourself or get me to do it. Either way, your life will be easier – guaranteed!