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Strap-lines, Branding and Short Copy

Small Messages for a Big Brandshort messages for tesco

June 2013: Tesco approached me to write a series of short messages as part of their One Voice campaign. The messages are to be displayed in-store and will guide, engage and educate the visitor.

Store sections include: Beers, Wines and Spirits; Halal; Kosher; and World Foods.

In the coming months the campaign will go live and I will show you the original concepts, coupled with what was eventually chosen.  Watch this space.


A Strap-line WAndy Whitmore brandingith No Fuss

How do you convey the message of a ‘world class’ music producer?

Simple: You just say it.

I came up with the branding concept which was then conveyed to the designer along with the strap-line. Along with the new website, we saw Andy’s sales rocket by 30% in a matter of weeks.

In addition to him being No.1 in Google for ‘music producer london’, we’re very close to getting him to No.1 for recording studio London. Keep an eye on it.


A Home Page that Doesn't Mess Aroundhittoak sliding banners

Website’s home pages love sliding banners.

They are a great way to very quickly convey ‘who you are’ and ‘what you do’ in a way that immediately brings personality to your brand.

Here's how it was presented in draft format.

Here's how it looks on the website's home page.


A Strap-line that says it allflixfair strap-line

Here’s a great new service for film-makers, whom specifically have short films to sell. There’s nothing more to say… the strap-line says it all.

FlixFair is currently active on Twitter and is soon to launch its website.

Take a look at the draft home page copy. It'll be live very soon.


What should a health food company's message be?maj vitalife branding

MA & J Vitalife specialise in distributing health foods to the Nigerian market.

Along with their strap-line, I wrote the website copy and produced the commercial presentation.

Take a look at the website and commercial presentation.