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15 Degrees

Printed sales letter (long copy) and web version

Mark has developed a complete business information product. It’s targeted at entrepreneurs and individuals looking to start a business with little or no capital. The problem was: How do you write a long copy sales letter that doesn’t read exactly the same as all the other ones that get shoved through your letter box?

Well, in this case, I spun it so that the letter acknowledged this fact and challenged the reader into re-thinking the whole ‘business opportunities’ arena. It appealed to their common sense instead of leading them into believing bogus promises. After a little split testing the end result was a 1.2% conversion rate. That’s rather good. Once the web version goes live, I’ll update the results. Below are the two versions in ‘draft’ format.

Take a look at Version A

Take a look at Version B


Press release

ICWM are hell bent on revolutionising the construction waste management industry. They’ve even created a little app that helps construction companies save money and improve efficiency. This little marvel can shave an absolute fortune of a project’s budget. Plus, it packs a powerful punch in ensuring that building sites are greener and more sustainable. Naturally they wanted to shout about it, so they got me to write a press release.

It was a good move! It was picked up by the industry press, got them connected with leading governing bodies, and added vast amounts of credibility to the product.

Take a look at the Press Release