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Sales Letters

A solid offer, targeted database and a professionally written sales letter can significantly increase sales within a very short space of time.

Ok, let’s cut straight to the reality. The fact is, the majority of sales letters and email campaigns fail miserably. The factors involved in their failure can be anything from a poorly targeted database or bad offer, to a cluttered layout and, of course, weak copywriting.

The pursuit of achieving good results goes hand in hand with making sure that all of makes you think 2these elements are carefully addressed. By doing this, we not only increase our chances of success in the short term, we also create something that can literally become a cash cow for the long term. That’s one of the incredible advantages – you pay once, but keep on reaping the rewards.

I’ll ask the right questions

I’ll do much more than just write your marketing collateral. I’m only interested in your success. So, before any writing begins, I’ll provide a FREE audit of your marketing campaign set-up.

In certain cases I’ll suggest a completely different approach. For example, often, for smaller databases, a telemarketing campaign could be a better way to spend the budget.

  • Who is your database targeted at?
  • Where did you get it from?
  • Why do your customers need your product?
  • What are their fears and pain points?
  • Do you need leads or direct sales?
  • Can you cope with an overwhelming response?
  • How will you measure the response?
  • Why do you think a sales letter would be right for your offer?

Why use me?

My specialism is website copywriting. In fact, if you Google ‘web copywriter’ I’m No.1. Part successof the reason I’m successful is that I often apply direct response copywriting techniques. Not the ‘fluff’ that usually gets written.

I accept that there are many other amazing direct response copywriters out there to choose from. To be completely honest some are much better than I, but they reflect that experience and specialism in their fees. Some charge as much as £75,000 for one letter.

If your budget is on the lower side, but you still want the benefit of this amazing copywriting technique, I have the solution. I have proven results, a wealth of sales and marketing knowledge and a burning desire to see that your campaign is a roaring success, not a limp disappointment.

  • Proven results
  • Additional FREE marketing advice
  • Landing pages and the other stuff you might need
  • Honest approach (I’ll tell you if I can’t help you)AIDCA
  • Sole focus on achieving success
  • Lower fees than most other direct response copywriters

You’ll get the desired results

We need to get every detail right and work together to nail your proposition. We need to define your goals and work towards them. And we need to trust each other to adhere to a plan with which we are both happy.

If we can do these things, there’s no reason why we can’t attain the success we set out to achieve.

Call me today on 07770 988880 or 020 8744 2241. There’s FREE advice on offer. Or take a look at some samples.