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Home Page Copywriting Offer

A simple rewrite of a website's home page can increase enquiries by up to 300%

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Your home page is probably the most significant page on your site. home page offer 147It’s your main shop window and has just 4 seconds to stop a visitor from hitting the back-button. It needs to immediately convey that they’ve landed in the right place and, more importantly, ensure their ‘problem’ is about to be solved. So, if you don’t have the budget to improve any other page on your site, at the very least, get your home page right.

I regularly see beautifully designed sites that lack a convincing emotional hook or message. On top of that, have inadequate Meta data and structured copy to satisfy the search engines. It’s a shame; because with a little more work, they could be performing so much better. They are literally building a barrier to more sales.

Professional website & SEO copywriting crafted for results

My job is to ensure that website content is written in accordance with Google’s most recent algorithm updates to attain the best possible ranking. However, more importantly, it’s to get to the heart of your visitors desires and call them to action.

  • Improved website traffic – better key phrase targeting
  • Higher conversion – stronger calls to action and compelling content
  • More enquiries – increased sales


2 HOME PAGES GRAPHICLive examples of home page rewrites

Hugh Miller Photography

TV on Wall

SJS Healthcare



Why use me?

  • Experienced
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  • Specialised in online and web copywriting
  • Fast turnaround
  • Help with forming your brief
  • Free advice and ideas to help you further

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